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Laser Hair Removal

Popular Cosmetic Treatment

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed all over the world for permanent reduction of body hair. Lasers act by causing localized and selective damage to melanin pigment within the hair follicle, while not heating the rest of the skin.


Faster treatment times:The Leda Epi has got the largest spot size, creating one of the fastest treatment times in the world. It is continuous and can cover large body areas in very short span of time.

Additional cooling to minimize patient discomfort:Its advanced cooling technology cools the skin during treatment for longer periods of time, thus there is no risk of burns on the skin. Contact Cooling increases patient comfort, making treatments more enjoyable than ever before.

Virtually painless treatment without the use of anesthesia or numbing gels:No pre-treatment times required to apply numbing agents or local anesthetic agents. So no jeopardizing with your comfort when you come for hair removal laser.

Specially designed Facial tip:For removal of unwanted hair from hard to reach areas like ear lobes, nostrils and glabella. It is also extremely useful in areas where you need more precision like eyebrow and beard shaping.

Very Large spot size and very powerful laser machine with spot size 7 to 15 times of that of usual lasers

Advantage: Homogeous heating – Faster and effective hair removal

Laser hair removal with Leda Epi at Low Fluence/ FHR mode doesn’t usually require any Local anaesthetic / Numbing creams/ conducting gels.

Advantage: No drug toxicity/ no messing up

Diode laser with unique 980 nm wave length

Advantage: Less side effects and / less painful compared with other lasers likeNd YAG and Diode 800nm / Intensed Pulsed Light (IPL).

German Made, US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved and European union CE marked Laser Machine

Advantage: High quality and fail safe laser

Laser hairremoval@ speed of light

The diode laser system LEDA EPI is effective on all skin types and all hair colours! The diode laser system LEDA EPI sets new standards in high speed hair removal for all skin types: A complete back can be treated in less than ten minutes. LEDA EPI – The fastest diode laser system for hair removal

The diode laser system LEDA EPI sets new standards in high-speed hair removal on all skin types.

Its unique linear scan technology and big spot size of 50 x 12 mm make LEDA EPI the fastest laser system for hair removal worldwide. The extraordinarily big spot allows for fast, homogenous treatments and high penetration depth. For hidden areas, an additional smaller spot is the perfect treatment choice.Usual lasers have less than 1 sq cm spot size.

Hair removal on all skin and hair types

Clinical studies prove the reliable, long-lasting results for hair removal with LEDA EPI on all skin types.

With the FHR® Fractional Hair Removal technology and the Low Fluence Mode, the diode laser system LEDA EPI provides special programs for the gentle treatment of sensitive skin and darker skin. Thanks to its high penetration depth, LEDA EPI removes deeper lying hair as effectively as superficial hair. Even fine hair can be removed easily by short pulses with very high fluence.

Efficient and gentle

The patients experience less pain during the treatments due to the shortened treatment time. A supplemental contact cooling attachment is mounted on the handpiece to additionaly increase the patient’s comfort.

The unique linear scan technology and the big spot of 50 x 12 mm make LEDA EPI the world’s fastest laser for hair removal. The exceptionally large spot ensures rapid, homogeneous treatments and a high penetration depth. For hard to reach areas, a smaller spot available.

Laser hairremoval for all skin and hair types

Clinical studies have demonstrated the reliable, durable efficacy of LEDA EPI on all hair types. Two handpieces are available. LEDA EPI 808 nm & 980 nm . Especially for Indian skin types the handpiece LEDA EPI 980 is available with 980 nm wavelength.

The FHR ® Fractional Hair RemovalTechnology and the Low Fluence Mode Diode Laser LEDA EPI also offers special programs for gentle epilation of sensitive and darker skin. LEDA EPI allows deeper hair removal due to its high penetration depth as efficient as superficial hair. Even fine hair can be treated effectively by short pulses of high fluence.

High comfort for doctor and patient

LEDA EPI supports the physician by the intuitive menu navigation. For a high patient comfort a skin cooling system can be connected directly to the handpiece via comfortable contact cooling